Priestess Puddimew at your service, myaster~

In the physical world, I'm an unemployed dumb who just graduated from UC Davis and has no idea what she's doing.

In the real world, I'm a stawberri flavored kittehgirl who enjoys wearing cute, frilly, two‑piece maid outfits, decorative garters, and detached collars while curtsying a lot and hugging cuties like you~

If you would like to send me some headpats or perhaps ask if I can help you make a website, please email me or Tweet at me!




Thank you for your visit. Please tell me what you thought!

I wrote a lot of the things on this site myself, using Sublime Text! Instead of doing everything manually, I actually wrote in Jade, Sass, and LiveScript and then compiled and uploaded with Prepros. I tested it with Google Chrome, but I also tried out Firefox as well to make sure that people using Firefox would still kinda be able to tell what was going on.

This website has some stuff I didn't make integrated into it! For example, all of the fancy dynamic profile buttons I have above are actually forum signature images (or other website embeds) I discovered a new and exciting use for. My puddiography image was drawn by the amazing Chiroyo. The rest of my profile buttons are all logos or icons that I found on their respective websites. I use Font Awesome in a couple different places, and in terms of JavaScript libraries, I mostly use jQuery and EaselJS, but there are a couple more I used here and there.

I'm really poor, so this is just a simple, non-dynamic website hosted by Freehostia, and my "cdn" is actually just a Heroku powered Dropbox folder proxy. Both are cached and optimized by CloudFlare. Everything here is free! Subscription services are a little too pricy for me.